Progress not perfection


This water heater had some wires that were potentially going to ground out the unit. The wires were fixed and the unit was reassembled preventing a future hefty price tag. The above outside socket was completely deteriorated. It was replaced with a new socket and a new outside weatherproof housing. These tiny details are what make the difference between getting it done right and putting a band aid on a potentially hazardous situation. I see this all the time where someone does not want to do whats right and passes the buck, putting people at risk in the future. When homeowners think they are cutting costs or saving money they actually are not only costing more money in the long run but are also causing much more stress for them and anyone else that has to come into contact with problem areas like these.

When it comes to construction orientated fixes it pays to get id done right. Most repairs should last at a minimum of 20 years depending on the material and or objects used. Things like adverse weather or earthquakes can always shorten the life span of a building and it innards. Be sure to click on the picture.

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